Cubasity (Translate: Cubes and Insanity)

An insane game about cubes, flashy lights, RAGE! , Shakesz, and more!

If you get the game, you got into a lot of action! You will not know what are you doing and such! Plus you need to beat your HighScore every time!

How to play this game: You need to run from cubes by moving the mouse! If you collide with MOVING CUBES you will loose some health if you collide with STATIC CUBES nothing happens.


Gamers/Game Makers who have Epilepsy or Seizures don't play this game!

And this game contains: VERY LOUD MUSIC ,

and a lot cubes and action!


IllSkillz - Gifts & Curses

Cyberpunkers - Beyond The Cover

Zomboy - Vancouver Beatdown (Shirk Remix)

Shirk - Ready ft. Joe Kaul

Shirk - Haunted

Shirk - Annual Murder

Published Nov 08, 2014
TagsArcade, Fast-Paced, Funny, LÖVE